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Brisbane Escorts – Get Talking with These 3 Conversation Starters

private escort girl in brisbane hot babe with basketballOne thing that blokes seem to have difficulty with, whenever they go on dates, is how to keep the conversation going, let alone starting a conversation in the first place. The sexy babes featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts can help with their own conversation starters, of course. But you won’t always be in their company, so you can’t always rely on their skills.


How do you strike up conversation with a lovely female, keep her interested, and keep the talk flowing while it’s just you and her? Here are a few ideas.


  1. Ask about her favourite movie. Whether she mentions an animated film or one that came out recently, this is a good way to start a conversation. First, it tells you what genres she’s interested in, and what she looks at in a film, whether it’s the story, characterisation, or something else.


Follow up with questions about her favourite actor or actress, director, and so on. The topic of film is a broad one, so start with that and you won’t run out of things to say.


  1. Talk about cars. It’s one topic that’s a little fact-heavy, but that’s not what you’re interested in. What you’re trying to find out is whether she goes for form or function – that is, is she practical, or does she like to dream of a comfortable life?


Plus, if it turns out you both love cars, then that will keep the conversation going for longer than you’d expect. Just be careful not to sound like a know-it-all, or you’ll put her off.


  1. Talk about your childhood. Yet another broad topic that will have you both chatting for a good hour or so. You could start with a favourite subject in school, a favourite childhood memory, even what you wanted to be when you were still a kid. You’ll be able to see different sides of each other other than what you’re presenting on your date.


For example, if she talks about wanting to work in conservation, she’s either a wildlife lover or isn’t afraid to get dirty – or both. Likewise, if you mentioned a favourite memory was of just lounging at the beach, she’ll know you’re a simple guy and you know when to relax.


Need to practice your conversation skills? Browse the gallery at Brisbane Escorts to find the perfect companion for you, today!

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