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Brisbane Escorts – Flirting With a Girl Who is Already Taken

private escort girl showing assIt’s natural for a bloke to like any lady he sees, to varying degrees. But what are the chances that she likes him back? For instance, is there any hope if you like a girl who likes someone else? This situation can be tricky, warn the expert courtesans at Brisbane Escorts. If she isn’t with the other bloke, then yes, there is a chance. If they’re already a couple, there’s still a chance – it’s just smaller in comparison.

So what do you do if you’re in such a situation? If you really want to get with her, it’s a matter of getting her to like you more than her boyfriend. Here are a few tips to getting started.

1. Let her know you know she’s taken. You can flirt all in good fun, and that’s what this tip centres around. Make it clear and obvious that you know she has a boyfriend, even while you jokingly flirt with her. Throwing out lines like “I wish I could go out with you, but you’re taken so I’d better not,” will help.

2. Make dates but break them. When you flirt with her in an outrageous but joking manner, she’ll know you want her but you’re not about to steal another bloke’s girl. That’s why, when you ask her out to, say, a film over the weekend, or to dinner at a nice restaurant, do it in the same nonchalant manner. That will make her wonder if there’s actually a date or not.

This uncertainty will, at some point, make her also think about what could have happened if she went out with you at least once. Remember that girls play hard to get, so this is your chance to try your hand at doing the same.

3. Have that one serious talk. After all the fun and games, so to speak, you need to let her know you mean business, and that you’d be on your knees asking her out if she decided to break up with her boyfriend. Just don’t stand around waiting for an answer; your seriousness will already be a stark contrast to your previous playfulness, it’ll be enough to get her really thinking this through.

If you’re not sure you can flirt or turn on the charm around girls, though, practice with the help of one of the lovely babes at Brisbane Escorts. Browse the gallery today!

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