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Do you believe that a good night’s sleep can only happen when you’re in a relationship with the right person? Maybe, there’s some sense to it because you’ll surely feel miserable when your mate happens to be the wrong person. How about on the days you’re with one of the striking Brisbane Escorts – do you enjoy full, uninterrupted sleep?

We all know sleep to be the key to overall well-being. Be surprised about this finding from a new study that puts sleep and good relationship on an equal footing. For instance, it figured out that those who have relationship issues were inclined to suffer from sleep problems as well and when they slept bad, their health was similarly affected in a negative way. This only proves one thing – that a great relationship is the key to a good night’s sleep.

The Journal, ‘Social Personality and Psychological Science’ from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology has published the data from the research project called Midlife Development in the US that there’s a direct link between how much you feel your lover cares about you and how well you sleep.

The quality of sleep that one experiences and the closeness between couples are correlated. The experts say that it’s only during sleep that the body recovers, detoxifies and goes through a healing process, which incidentally takes place only when you sleep uninterruptedly in the right amount of time that is, 8 hours. It’s correct technical term is restorative sleep.

Feelings of security and the absence of threat can affect this type of sleep. When you begin to doubt your mate, it could somehow strain the relationship, and then the inevitable happens – nightmares! You’ll be depriving yourself of the positive effects of restorative sleep.

The lead author of the study expounded that lower anxiety and arousal levels were experienced by those who had responsive partners, which of course generated better quality of sleep. That said, you can only surmise that having the wrong person in your life can be dangerous to your health.

If you want to live longer, happier and healthier, make it a habit to date any one of the stunning Brisbane Escorts, because in their arms you get a long, relaxing sleep. Scan the gallery now.

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