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Brisbane Escorts – Conservative Dudes More Swayed By Sexual Images Than Sleazier Guys

Private Brisbane Escort in BikiniWho gets more turned on (or swayed) when shown sexual images or erotic photos? Is it the sexually conservative guys, or the more adventurous and the frequently sleazy men? Scientists think it’s the conservative dudes who are easily swayed and affected, because they tend to paradoxically take more risks! Let’s read on to find out why this is the case.

Why Conservative Guys Get Easily Swayed By Sexual Images
Try showing images or photos of the hot and sexy Brisbane Escorts to any of your conservative friends, and perhaps you’ll be surprised to find them glow with delight! According to some sex experts, men who have no intention of having casual sex often become more willing to do to, after exposure to images of pretty men in bikinis!

The sex experts also agree that this “willingness without intention” may explain for the lack of foresight that leads to sex without protection. The situation could also be similar to that of young teenagers drinking heavily, but don’t usually expect to get drunk, and yet are willing to if they are offered alcohol at a party.

When Sexually Conservative Guys Get Busy, They’re More Likely To Take Risks
While hundreds of studies dating back to the 70’s and 80’s have concluded or found out that guys and girls with conservative attitudes toward sex obviously have less intercourse than the sexually liberal, when they do get busy however, they are more likely to take risks, such as not using condoms to protect them from pregnancy or sexually-transmitted infections!

The sex experts and scientists suggest that in real life, the sexually conservative might not plan to have sex, but when confronted with the opportunity (and swayed further by sexual images or messages), they’d be happy to do the deed more than the most sexually liberated individual out there!

If you’re not too convinced with this assumption, perhaps you could ask a few of your truly conservative make friends to take a glimpse of the lovely Brisbane Escorts, or even go on a date with them, and you’ll be surprised with the results!

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