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Brisbane Escorts – Asking a Lady About Her Sexual Preferences Increases Your Chances of Dating, or Going to Bed with Her

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Contrary to what every exaggerated sex and dating story or advice out there says, the truth is that there is no single move, position or sweet nothings whispered into the ear that will elicit an instant and positive response in every woman. While yes there’s no simple way to improve the odds of easily hooking up with a hot lady out there (or in finding a long-term romantic partner) a number of sex experts have said that asking a lady what she wants actually increases your chances of dating her, or going to bed with her!

Have Her Tell You What Tickles Her Fancy
Believe it or not, but the person who knows best how to get a woman off is that woman herself, because she’s already had years and years of experience, while you might be giving it a go for the first time. You may want to poke around all you want, but the quickest way to make her feel good is to just have her tell you how. It’s just like asking your favourite Brisbane Escorts what makes them tick in bed!

By doing so, you will save on time and effort, and prevent the lady from blurting out, ”Tickling my inner thigh (or my belly) is doing absolutely nothing for me, so please leave my house!”

Asking Her What She Wants Shows That You’re Interested in Making Her Feel Good
Another reason why it pays to ask a lady what she wants in bed, or what her sexual preferences are, is that it shows that you are truly interested in making them feel good, which is kind and also very sexy. In addition, simply bringing up the topic says that you understand sex is about giving to each other, rather than one person doing all the talking.

It Will Immensely Improve the Sex You Are Having
Perhaps the most fun reason why you should ask her what she wants is because it will greatly improve the sex you are having. When you ask a lady what she wants, you actually open up space in which both of you can be honest about your interests and fantasies.

This also means that you’re open to trying new things and finding out what works and what doesn’t. By starting the discussion, you and your partner will become a collaborative erotic dream team! Not sure of these ideas? Perhaps you should try them on your favourite Brisbane Escorts!

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