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Brisbane Escorts – A Closer Look at Penis Lengths

brisbane private escort brunette girlHow do you measure up below the belt, and how do you feel about your penis size? For some reason, despite studies on the average penile length, this is an issue blokes are still hung up on. Many women, including the babes at Brisbane Escorts, have said that penis size doesn’t matter to them. All the same, men still worry now and then.


So how do you really ‘measure up’ compared to the rest of male population once you’re erect, and what is your girl likely to think about your member?


  1. 1 to 2 inches. Studies have shown that these lengths are extremely rare – less than 1% of blokes have a dick that’s only an inch long when erect (these are known as micro-penises). 2-inch penises are just a little bit more common than micro-penises.


She’s likely to be surprised when she sees your cock, but that surprise will disappear once you penetrate her from behind, or perfect your skills in oral sex.


  1. 3 to 4 inches. Here’s some food for thought – a credit card is a little over 3 inches long, and a pack of gum can be as much as 4 ¼ inches long. If your dick is longer than these when erect, you can stop worrying that you’re smaller than average.


How she reacts will depend on the length of her vaginal canal. If she has a short one, she’s going to be thankful you’re not one of those “big guys”. Plus, she’ll love the fact that you can hit her G-spot with ease.


  1. 5 to 6 inches. Around 90% of men fall within this area, experts say, so it’s highly likely that you’re one of them. That means you can stop worrying about being ‘too small’. You’re in that happy medium between being able to please the ladies who like deep penetration, and those who don’t think longer is better.


In fact, your dick may be of average length, but come in at more than average when it comes to girth – which is more important than length for some women. After all, that’s where the feeling of fullness comes from.


Again, it’s not the size but what you do with it that matters. So browse the gallery at Brisbane Escorts, and have the time of your life with the courtesan of your dreams, with no size issues weighing you down.

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