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Brisbane Escorts – 4 Things You Should Never Do When Sexting

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With the rise in the number of people owning smartphones and other digital devices today, it’s no surprise that more guys and girls are into sexting when the mood strikes. However, what’s sad is that instead of trying to subtly and sensually enticing your sexting partner, you turn them off instead, because your sexting sucks! Here’s a look at the 4 things you should never do when sexting.

Send Surprise Dick Pics
Here’s one nasty sexting move that would unruffled the feathers of even your closest sexting partners, as well as your favourite Brisbane Escorts, and it’s sending her surprise dick pics! While a well-crafted underwear snap can be hot, an unsolicited penis photo will surely shock a woman, rather than turn her on! Remember that she wanted to sext, and not have a staring contest with your manhood!

All-Emoji Sexts
While a long chain of tongue, or peach and orange emojis will make someone smile, they’re surely not the type of sexting stuff your partner would have liked to receive! While I am not saying that you should ditch the emojis completely when sexting, it would be much better if you’re direct with your sext, and use sexy words, and then send a red-lip emoji or eggplant to make things more interesting!

Beg for Nudes
Like anything else in life, sexting requires a little patience, and some flair and style too. So, while getting a boob pic is real hot, please don’t beg for it! If she does not want to send you naughty photos of herself, then don’t be too pesky and repeatedly ask her for nudes, because this will only make you look desperate, or more sinister!

Send Autocorrect Failures
Yeah, sexting is real hot, and it can make you and your partner want to do it all night. But then all of a sudden you say “I want to duck you real hard”, and then she goes silent on you. To avoid sending autocorrect disasters, turn off your autocorrect, or just read over your texts before sending them to your sexting partner, or to your favourite Brisbane Escorts!

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