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Brisbane Escorts – 4 More Things That the Guys Wish They Could Tell the Ladies During Sex

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We all know that sex is meant to be fun and sexy. However, the truth is that no matter how we try, there’ll be a lot of particularly unsexy things that go right out the window, even if you’re doing your best to make it as enjoyable as possible for your partner. For, example, here’s a look at a couple more things that the guys wish they could tell the girls during sex, but are afraid of doing so because they think it would ruin the moment.

You Zoned Out for a Second

Whether you’re in bed with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Brisbane Escorts, was there a point where you simply got lost in the moment, and started to think of someone else, or you simply zoned out for a second? Whatever the reason, I guess this wouldn’t be a great idea for you to mention this to her, no matter how you frame it!

“Thank You”

While it may sound so tempting for you to tell the ladies “thank you”, especially after enjoying a truly hot and sizzling round or two of sex, sex experts say that this is such a lame thing to say during sex!

While it would be okay to say thank you to the waiter at a restaurant, or to your bus driver, please do not tell this to someone who’s about to give you an amazing orgasm! Yes, saying thank you is polite, but nothing about it is sexy!

You’re Not Sure What the Smell Is

There are a lot of smells, even during sex. That foul-smelling smell could be the room, or it could be your breath, or the smell of your balls, or your ass! But if you’re not sure what that funky smell is, better not worry about that right now though!

You’re Taking This All in So You Can Save It In Your Mental Masturbation Trove

While telling your girlfriend, or even your favourite Brisbane Escorts, that you’re taking this all in so you can save it in your mental trove of masturbation material, it’s so hard to make this not sound creepy! I think it would be better if you do not tell her you’re taking this all in so you could remember everything the next time you jerk off!

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