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Brisbane Escorts – 3 Surprising Reasons Why the Missionary is a Truly Amazing Sex Position

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When it comes to sex positions, which is considered the most common, or the most “vanilla”? Is it the missionary? Well, before you make this conclusion, don’t you know that there are quite a few reasons why you should start to think of the missionary as an amazing sex position? Here are a couple of surprising reasons why the missionary is truly astounding, despite it’s rather vanilla reputation.

You Can Kiss in Missionary

Being good in bed is all about how much you’re enjoying giving and receiving pleasure with your girlfriend, spouse or lovely Brisbane Escorts. And if that means enjoying the most classic of all sex positions, so be it!

For starters, one of the best things about the missionary is that for all those who love getting cuddly or romantic, the missionary position is perfect for kissing and forking at the same time! And while there are only so many people in your life that you’ll want to smooch and whisper sweet nothing to during sex, the missionary is by far the best way to do it!

There Are a Lot of ways to Fine-tune It

Some guys and girls may prefer other sex positions because they think they cannot get enough deep penetration from missionary. However, the truth is you can actually get deep penetration via the missionary, as you can always use a pillow or something under your lady’s lower back to prop her up a little and change that. The missionary is also hailed as wonderful position for clitoral and anal stimulation!

It’s so Good for Communication

Many sex therapists and experts also stress that the good, old missionary is perfect for communicating with your partner, because you can make eye contact with her, which also makes dirty talk so much hotter.

And of course, it’s also much nicer to look at someone’s face when you’re giving your girlfriend, or the hot and sizzling Brisbane Escorts, real-time feedback about whatever’s happening down there!

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