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Brisbane Escorts – 3 Safe & Easy Shower Sex Positions That You Could Add to Your Repertoire

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When it comes to talk about shower sex, there’s just a lot to love, and hate about it. For many, it’s the perfect spot for morning sex, or a multi-tasking quickie. For others, it allows them to feel less hung-up on hygiene, especially when it comes to oral and/or anal sex play. However, some still feel apprehensive about getting it on in the shower, because the slippery surface could easily make you lose your balance and fall over! Here are a couple of safe and relatively easy shower sex positions that you could add to your repertoire.

The Fire Hydrant

While shower sex may be fun, it may not be worth risking injury over. So, if you want to be face-to-face with your hookup buddy, or with ladies as hot and sexy as the Brisbane Escorts, then you should give this sex position a go!

To start with, the receiving partner should have their back against the shower wall, with one of their legs either wrapped around the giving partner, or perched atop a shower bench or bath ledge. And as a bonus, this sex position gives you the best opportunity to re-enact the rainfall make-out scene from the movie The Notebook!


The Waterfall

If you don’t know this yet, well let me tell you that oral sex can be so awesome in the shower, as the water keeps everything slick, and cleanup should be a breeze too. However, porcelain isn’t a very comfortable piece of material to kneel on. Thus, consider having a folded-up towel on hand before trying this position with your lady.

The Soggy Doggy

While the doggy-style may not be the go-to technique or position for shower sex, you can actually tweak it a bit to make it fun and safe. The good thing about this is that standing up allows for deeper penetration, while also being much easier on the knees than kneeling.

But to pull this off, one partner will need to bend over, ideally with their hands gripping a shower bar, or pressed against the wall for balance, while the other partner enters from behind.

I bet you and your girlfriend, or perhaps your favourite Brisbane Escorts, would find one, or all of these shower sex positions very doable!

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