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Brisbane Escorts – 3 More Fears About Sex That Many Of Us Will Have at Some Point

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Who’s afraid of having sex? Well, yes sex often evokes positive and cheesy, as well  as sleazy adjectives and feelings for most of us. However, sex can also be associated with fear and anxiety, because sometimes the lack of conversation and education, or even utter ignorance, can lead to a lot of misleading and intimidating myths and fallacies about sex! Here’s look at a couple more fears about sex that many of us will have at some point.

The Fear of Trying New Positions

Have you ever felt a sudden fear of trying out new sex positions, even when you’re with your regular bedroom buddy, or with your preferred Brisbane Escorts? Well, according to sex experts, you should never do anything that makes you uncomfortable. But if you’re comfortable and still feel nervous, that’s perfectly natural, after all change can be scary! Thus, if your partner suggests a new position that may give you anxiety, ask to take it slow.

The Fear of Giving/Receiving an STD

If the above fear of sex applies to you, don’t worry for you are not alone, there actually is  a phobia called Cypridophobia,  which is defined as an anxiety disorder by several health professionals.

To effectively address this issue, you need to have an open, honest discussion with your partner, and you should also practice safe sex always, as well as ensure that you are consistently, and correctly, using condoms!

Your Partner May Not be Attracted to Your Naked Self

With photo retouching technology so widespread, and with so many folks bashing one another on social media about how fat, or how thin the other person is, it’s no wonder why a lot of folks are worried that their partner may not be attracted to their naked self!

Well, the truth is that each one of us has a unique body type, and grooming preferences, and this means that our body is its own special snowflake. But then again, I bet the hot and alluring  Brisbane Escorts don’t give much of a fuss about this , because they just love being with you again!

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