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Brisbane Escorts – 3 Ladies You’re Better Off Not Dating

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As far as dating goes, you can date whoever you want, or whoever catches your eye. You can definitely engage one of the lovely courtesans at Brisbane Escorts to keep you company for an afternoon, and it still counts as a date, without the commitment required for a relationship.

However, there are certain types of women you’re better off avoiding. You may have ended up dating a few of them, only realising their quirks were actually signs you should have stayed away. To help you out, here’s an overview of the ladies you should stay away from, and how to spot them.

1. The gold digger. While women definitely consider men who can provide for themselves, that doesn’t instantly make them all gold diggers. A gold digger is a woman who will do anything to help herself to a guy’s wealth without actually being attracted to him.

Signs that you’re dealing with a gold digger include her hinting at having some financial problems so she can try and get you to help her, and conversations that mostly center on how much you make.

2. The nitpicking nagger. Constructive criticism is all well and good, but when a woman is both nagger and nitpicker, this criticism takes a turn for the worse. She may at first sound like she’s just venting, but if you take a step back, you’ll see she wants to share her negativity with you. That’s obviously not the best thing to share, and you don’t want her to turn her nitpicking eye on you.

If you notice that she rarely has a good word to say about work, the servers at the restaurant you had dinner at, and even some stranger she ran into on the street, you may be dealing with a nitpicking nagger.

3. The suffocating clinger. There’s clingy, and then there’s suffocating. Not only is this lady possessive, but she’s infuriatingly so. She can’t tolerate not knowing where you and what you’re doing every hour.

Signs she’s the suffocating kind of clingy person include her wanting to you to reply to texts immediately, and reacting badly when you tell her you can’t see her that day. It should be obvious why you’re better off avoiding this sort of babe.

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