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Brisbane Escorts – 3 Cool and Steamy Ways to Undress a Lady

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How do women measure a man’s performance in bed? Is it by the way they perform foreplay, or how long they last in bed? Nope. In fact, women start measuring a guy’s performance well before his pants come off, by the way he undresses her! Yes, sex starts as soon as the first zipper is unzipped, until two people become fully naked, and have sex afterward. Here are a couple of cool and steamy ways to undress a lady.

Pretend to Beg for It
What’s the coolest way to undress your girlfriend, or even your favourite Brisbane Escorts? Well, for starters try telling her that you want to see her undress, and that you’ll do anything to get it!

The key here is to appear abject and helpless without actually being really abject and helpless, although you are actually taking control of the situation by making it about what you want. And though this technique is considered a better option for repeat flings, there won’t be any harm if you try it at least once!

Take Your Own Sweet Time
Slow and steady wins the race. Thus, while undressing a woman slowly, tease her and take your own sweet time. Keep in mind how much a lady puts into her looks, as she wants you to see her and appreciate her.

Take time to kiss, feel and explore as well as figure out her sensitive zones while you’re stripping off her clothes. You could even try nibbling on a bra strap and pull it off with your mouth, and she’ll perhaps appreciate your creativity and dedication to the hustle!

Make it a Joke
If you and your partner have already downed a couple of beers or whisky already, perhaps this should make the process of undressing a little clumsy. Well, if you think you might struggle with all the undressing, do yourself a favour and make the whole thing a game!

If you laugh your way through it, your girlfriend, or perhaps even your favourite Brisbane Escorts, won’t worry that you’re a little too drunk or a little too goal-oriented!

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