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Brisbane Escort Girls – Responsiveness, and Why It Helps Fan the Flames of Intimacy

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What are the stuff that can help fan the flames of intimacy, or even love and romance? Well, I could perhaps say that it’s honesty, open communication, receptiveness to new ideas and what else? According to recent research conducted by the University of Rochester in the US, responsiveness greatly correlated to sexual desire! Read on to find out more on why responsiveness helps fan the flames of intimacy, and erotic desire.

Responsiveness is a Type of Intimacy
If you’d like to up the ante in bed with your girlfriend, or even with the lovely and alluring Brisbane Escort Girls, perhaps you should serve them a healthy dose of responsiveness! The University of Rochester researchers conducted 3 experiments in all, one of which required 100 couples to keep a diary every day for 6 weeks where partners rated and dictated their level of sexual desire, how they perceived their partner’s responsiveness, how special they felt, and how they saw their partner as a valuable mate.

As it turns out, responsiveness greatly correlated to sexual desire, which is not actually surprising because responsiveness is also a type of intimacy, and it so important in relationships because it signals that one is really concerned with the welfare of the other, but in a way that’s truly open and informed about what the other cares about and wants.

Responsive Partners Show a Deep Level of Consideration Too
The US researchers also found out that responsive partners are also very much willing to invest in the relationship, and they show a deep level of consideration too. And of course, the research team noted that responsiveness is a huge thing for women as their desire is more largely influenced and amplified by it, while men get a libido boost from it too.

To be more responsive, sex experts suggest that you actively try to keep your conversations on the topic at hand. For example, if your girlfriend, or even your favourite Brisbane Escort Girls tells you that she just landed her dream job but it’s across the country, be congratulatory and supportive, instead of simply dismissing her move as irrelevant!

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