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Additional Tips for First-Time Brisbane Escort Clients

Outcalls are services wherein you get to meet up in a hotel or in your place. For most first-time clients, outcalls are a means of protecting their privacy and are a good way to personalize your experience. Here are some tips that you can apply for so-called “escort virgins”.

  • Tidy up your place. Clean your place before she arrives, make it comfortable for her. You can personally set up the ambience to your liking, maybe light up a candle or two or perhaps burn some incense. Make sure that the bathroom and bed is made up. If you have pets at home, make sure to keep them in a spare room or outside. If she previously mentioned a favored drink, have it ready for her.
  • Compliment her. Complementing your chosen courtesan puts her at ease and gives her confidence around you. Give her a hug or a kiss on the cheek, take her coat off and offer her a seat in your living room. Do not let her walk around the house. This is the time wherein you get to hand her your payment, talk for a bit or offer her a drink.
  • Show some intimacy. You can put your arms around her as you talk for 10-15 minutes. Caress her with your arms and touch her hair. If you are the person to talk, do not let go of the reason why she is in your premises. If there are awkward silences between you and her, do not turn on the TV. 30 minutes can pass by without warning and if it does, it will leave you less time to get naughty in bed with her.
  • Take the lead. After a casual talk, lightly kiss her lips. If she replies, you can stand up and lead her to the bedroom. Also, be mindful of her boundaries when it comes to sex. You should be aware of her limitations before doing intercourse. It may be that it is indicated on her website or she previously mentioned it on the phone with you. Like a gentleman, ask her if it’s okay to do certain things.
  • Give her a tip. After your ordeal in the bedroom, what Brisbane escorts normally do is get in the shower and put on her clothes. If she was really good in her performance, offer her a tip. It is up to you if she has satisfied you, if not; you are not obliged to give anything at all. Give it to her as a token of your appreciation.

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