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4 Reasons Why You Should Try Blindfold Sex

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If there’s one kink tool or equipment that you should try using for the first time tonight with your lady, perhaps you should try using – blindfolds! According to our sex experts, blindfolds might just be the sexiest thing you can bring into your bedroom, and could be used to spice up your sex routine, or to create deeper trust and intimacy. Here’s a look at four reasons why blindfold sex can take you and your partner to greater erotic heights.

Being Blindfolded Increases Trust Between Partners
Whether you’re trying blindfold sex with your wife, girlfriend or hot and sizzling Brisbane Escorts, blindfold sex can strengthen your bond, because allowing yourself to be blindfolded while your partner takes the reins requires serious trust. When your partner earns it with each new and pleasurable move, you feel closer and safer with your partner, which makes sex-even the sighted kind- so much better!

Blindfold Sex Adds an Element of Surprise
When you can’t see what’s coming, every little thing will surely surprise you. Thus, having sex blindfolded can be the perfect time to bring things to the mix like ice, oil, feathers, etc. And by running any of these along your partner’s body, you’re sure to keep them quivering with anticipation, by maintaining the element of surprise.

Blindfolding Your Partner Puts You in Control
Blindfolding your mate also puts you in the driver’s seat, which means you’re in charge, and they’re trusting their entire body to you. And with that trust comes power, which can be a huge turn-on especially for someone who’s used to being more submissive.

Blindfolding your partner also changes the dynamic in a new and sexy way, and not being able to see can reduce inhibitions too. And if you are worried about extra-intense bedroom faces, with a blindfold you won’t care, and you can really let go, and enjoy stronger orgasms!

Shutting Down One Sense Intensifies Others
When you’re blindfolded, you can’t see what’s coming. So, when your partner brushes your thighs, that simple touch can go from standard to electric in two seconds flat! When you can’t see anything, all the sensations you feel, the scents you smell, and the tastes you encounter, become so much more intense.

So, would these reasons be more than enough to convince you to try using blindfolds tonight with your girlfriend, or with the hot and alluring Brisbane Escorts?

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