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4 Big Signs She’s Friend Zoned You

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The friend zone. Blokes will joke about being in it, or how they won’t ever end up in it. The truth is, practically every guy will have found themselves in that zone at least once. Whether a girl resembles one of the Brisbane Escorts you may find online now and then or not, the fact remains that ending up in her friend zone is a very real possibility.

The thing is, not all blokes know when a girl has thrown him in with the others whom she sees as good friends but not date material. After all, not all women will be upfront about their decision; some will try to be kinder, subtle, and let you down gently compared to yanking the rug out from under you. So how can you tell when she’s showing you the door, figuratively speaking?

1. She asks about other women. When the babe you like asks about other women, she’s either trying to find out if she’s your type, or she wants to know if you’re available. However, if she constantly asks about other women you hang around with and isn’t just asking about past relationships, she’s after something else. If she encourages you to talk to one of them more, that doesn’t bode well for your chances with her.

2. She’s available only at certain times or for certain activities. She doesn’t mind hanging out with you at work, but after hours, she makes herself scarce. Or maybe she isn’t available to catch a film with just you, but she’s free when a group of you are watching. In short, she doesn’t want to be seen alone with you so that people don’t get the wrong idea about you dating.

3. She’s very casual around you. This applies only to girls who don’t mind hanging out with blokes because they’ve always been one of the guys, but it still bears mentioning. Let’s say you invite her out and she accepts, and she shows up on the day itself in jeans or sweatpants, a top, and a slouchy jacket. Little to no makeup, her usual pair of earrings – you get the idea.

In short, if she dresses up like she’s hanging out with a friend, then she doesn’t see your ‘date’ as a special occasion and is trying to tell you she’s just not interested.

4. She turns to you for comfort. This is the biggest and the worst sign that she isn’t interested. You try to be there for her every time she has a break-up, consoling her, buying her favourite treat to try and cheer her up. She accepts your help and support each time, but there aren’t any big changes to your relationship with her.

This just proves she sees you as a great friend she can rely on. If you don’t come back to reality, you may as well be content with hiring Brisbane Escorts to help with your more carnal desires, since you’re stuck in the friend zone.

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