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3 Unwanted Sex Problems and How To Deal With Them

Private Brisbane Escort Girl in green pantyEver heard of the phenomenal Viagra? Perhaps, you’ve already known it as a “magic pill” that can turn any weak dick into an instant BONER! Let’s say you’re not into this pill by now. But sooner, as you grow older, when erectile dysfunction haunts you, you’ll see… you’ll be tempted to try this.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sex problems. Since the perky member is a tremendously important tool in lovemaking, without it, is “normal sex” can be still possible?

If you’re already experiencing a malfunctioned penis, don’t feel sorry for it. Discuss it with your partner. No need to be ashamed. Who knows, your sweetheart has a solution for it?

Aside from erectile dysfunction, below are some sex issues you need to be cautious of. Don’t worry, we’ve provided you the solutions. Cheers!


  1. An Early Finish

Premature ejaculation is definitely one of the most common problems. Most women feel dissatisfied every time their men swiftly finished the “orgasmic race.” If you’ve been with this issue, you better do something before it’s too late.

The solution for this is subjective. This means, what may work for others doesn’t mean it will work for you. The trick is to find it yourself. Learn to control it through practising – masturbating. While on it, stop as you feel you’re reaching the O-land.

Develop a different mindset by thinking that your partner will find other penis that can satisfy her. I know, you wouldn’t like that for sure. And that will motivate you to keep on practising.


  1. Zero-Level Confidence

Numerous men mistake being confident with being a jerk, roaming around bars with their hands ready and hoping to land a huge butt or breast (this is insane). That isn’t a guy who is supposed to be confident. Instead of showing how great you are at clubs, why not show it during sex?

In reality, there are these guys who lose self-confidence in bed. Perhaps, it might be due to their penis size, performance and the like. If you want to please your lady with an awe, and bring her successfully in the orgasm paradise, be confident that you’re capable of doing it. My tip for you is to do some researches on how to be a great lover in and out of the bed.


  1. Dull Sex

During the romp, stare at your queen’s eyes. If she looks like a dead-eyed loveless lady like a statue, you can assert that you’re not giving her what she really longs for – pleasure.

How can you avoid this bloody boring sex? The ravishing Brisbane escorts suggest that the safest way to prevent this havoc is to ask your lady. Discuss it with her if you’re doing wrong or the things you need to do in order to spice up the sack session. But if you’re too afraid to ask, I suggest you to prolong the foreplay and don’t start sex without her body writhing with desire.

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