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3 Foreplay Tips That Lead to a Satisfying Orgasm

It is said that foreplay is the one act that can give you a very gratifying sex life. Let’s face it, not every man or woman has the skills to create an erotic contact before actual intercourse.

sexy private escort girl in brisbane lying in bedMen are just so lucky to have one of those lovely kittens from Brisbane Escorts who have the mastery in performing fantastic and enjoyable foreplays. Any lustful activity before getting down into the main point is certainly the way to a very pleasurable sex session. How to do that?

Proven Effective Foreplay Tips

  1. No-touch Massage

If you think that a massage can only be done with your hands, then you’re quite wrong. A hands-free massage from your lovely courtesan will certainly send your blood rushing through your veins, fast. Let her give you the greatest rub-down of your life. With just her breasts and tummy stroking your entire body, you will feel your shaft starting to bulge in your crotch, wanting to get away from the tight material of your underwear.

Then when she straddles you from the front and the back, you will feel the readiness to explode. It can be more exciting if you strictly follow the no-touch policy all throughout while she drapes her hair over your chest.

  1. Hot sex texts to start your day

If you’re having a sex appointment with your partner later in the evening, send her a barrage of sex texts (or sext, for short) messages throughout the day. Reading something sultry on your mobile phone will surely send her mind racing until it’s time you get to her doorstep. Simply sending and reading sultry erotic messages can start the flow of orgasmic juices.

  1. The power of communication

Yes, erotic acts are not the only potent steps towards an enjoyable climax but so are words. Asking your partner in the middle of foreplay where she wants to be fondled and what act she loves the most will make you want to keep doing what she likes and wants you to do. Being open to your mate is a positive reinforcement that can bring more intimacy into your intercourse, and thus turn into a fantastic orgasm.

Undeniably, guys take only a shorter time to get into orgasm during sex as compared to women. As a lover, it’s your duty to sexually pamper your bed mate with lots of TLC before she can reach climax. But, with your expert courtesan from among the Brisbane Escorts, rest assured of a very gratifying experience.

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