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3 Bad Excuses Most People Make to Skip Sex

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Some people would literally do everything just to have sex. However, a lot of people today are sadly making up a lot of silly excuses just to skip sex, from being so tired from work too not having the time to do it. Here’s a peek at a few of the baddest excuses people make just to skip sex.

“My Favourite TV Show’s On”

Would you dare skip your scheduled date with the hot Elite London Escorts and sexy Brisbane Escorts, just because you’re favourite TV show’s on? Well, there’s a reason they invented Tivo and the other intelligent cable boxes because you can set the DVR, get busy in bed for 15 minutes or more, and then come back and watch your fave TV show in all its commercial-free glory!

“I’m Not in the Mood”

Let’s face it – most adult women don’t walk around feeling randy or frisky on a 24/7 basis. While men can automatically get an erection at will, women sometimes need an extra little loving and caressing!

So if you, or your lady, are feeling apathetic about sex, try stripping down to nothing and just lie there together, pressing your bodies against each other. The proximity and skin-to-skin contact can release pheromones which trigger desire, and a few neck-nuzzling is sure to flip your switch!

“I Have a Headache”

If it’s a real headache, and not just a code for “I don’t feel like doing it”, getting it on may actually help! A number of studies have shown that good, satisfying sex has potent analgesic properties, and sex experts say that it’s the pleasure aspect that’s the pain reliever! So, who needs ibuprofen?

“I Don’t Have Time”

Yes, we live in truly busy times, and most of us got a zillion things to do. But, the truth is that all you need is a few low-impact, refreshing minutes to squeeze sex into your schedule! The secret to great sex (despite all the pressures of work and anything else) is prioritizing.

If doing the deed is not high on your to-do list, it will always get bumped for seemingly more pressing pursuits. Thus, a pre-planned mini block of sweet or sleazy lovin’ and humpin’ with your girlfriend, or with the lovely Chelsea Escorts and alluring Brisbane Escorts can be just as satisfying, and is way better than no sex at all!


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