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Brisbane Escorts – How To Deal With Rough Sex If You’re A Nice Person

You’re not used to doing something bad between the sheets because you’re such a nice person. But, what if time comes when you ought to ‘act’ bad, like being ‘ordered’ by your lady to slap her butt? Perhaps, rough sex isn’t new to you since it’s common in porn and erotic films. Even the inviting […]

You CAN Use the Silent Treatment in A Good Way – Here’s How

No matter how happy your relationship is, there can and will be downs that could rival the ups – and how you deal with the bad moments can affect how long the relationship will last. Think about this for a moment. If your girl accused you of cheating, did you defend yourself as calmly as […]

The Beginner’s Guide To A Successful Threesome

Most people fantasise about threesomes and even have the intense desire to engage in it. While a few manage to bring the fantasy into reality, others simply choose to let it remain a dream, for several varied reasons. Fear and frustration over a failed engagement are of course, the leading factors why people hesitate to […]

Brisbane Escorts – Top 3 Don’ts of Long-Distance Relationships

A long-distance relationship isn’t for everyone, that’s true, but it doesn’t deserve the negative connotations it seems to conjure up with a good number of people. In fact, because there are a few ways it differs from the traditional relationship, it can end up becoming one of the strongest – unless you mess up by, […]

Brisbane Escorts – Three More Reasons Why Sex Makes You a Happier and Healthier Individual

Whenever we have sex, the first thing we quickly notice is that we experience a mix of emotional and physical effects, both during and after the act (from getting a natural high to losing strength in our knees, etc). And not only does sex feel so incredible, but it’s also amazing for your health and […]

Brisbane Escorts – 3 Signs Your Girl is Only After Your Money

No one deserves to be used by anyone, yet that’s precisely what happens when you find yourself in a relationship with a gold digger. Engaging one of the lovely courtesans at Brisbane Escorts doesn’t count, because you already know you’re paying someone to spend time with you and build the illusion that you’re in a […]

Brisbane Escorts – The Experts Give Their Take on the Difference Between Fetish and Kink

In casual conversations about sex, people often toss around words like “kink” and “fetish” interchangeably, if only to refer to any sexual desire or activity that falls outside of the mainstream erotic appetites. But while the two terms may overlap in certain areas, sex experts stress that there are some key differences between them. Read […]

Brisbane Escorts – 4 Budget-Friendly Tips for Dating a High-Maintenance Girl

When someone warns you against a certain lady because she’s the high-maintenance type, what’s the first thing you think of or associate with them? For many people, they automatically think “superficial”. The high-maintenance gal looks like a million bucks, so to speak, and there have been people who complain that dating her is expensive. It’s […]

Brisbane Escorts – Secrets to an Arousing French Kiss

French kissing is a pretty obvious step up from the quick kiss on the cheek or on the lips. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t see it as often in romantic movies. Many people, including the lovely babes at Brisbane Escorts, say it’s something that should be reserved for foreplay. After all, if you do it […]

Brisbane Escorts – Everything You Need to Know About Holiday Sex

When people are on vacation, or on holiday, they often leave some of their usual boundaries behind, like some leave it all at home! This can, of course, feel so liberating and wildly exciting, but if you do not properly prepare, or exercise a little caution in the moment, what could have been a hot […]

Brisbane Escorts – 4 More Things That the Guys Wish They Could Tell the Ladies During Sex

We all know that sex is meant to be fun and sexy. However, the truth is that no matter how we try, there’ll be a lot of particularly unsexy things that go right out the window, even if you’re doing your best to make it as enjoyable as possible for your partner. For, example, here’s […]

3 Things You Should Be Doing After Sex

Sex is something that doesn’t always have a definite description. It can be awesome, or disappointing. It can be forgettable, or it can be fun. It all depends on who’s getting frisky under the sheets. Engaging one of the sexy Brisbane escorts you find online, though, would ensure sex would be anything but horrible. But […]

Brisbane Escorts – 3 Surprising Reasons Why the Missionary is a Truly Amazing Sex Position

When it comes to sex positions, which is considered the most common, or the most “vanilla”? Is it the missionary? Well, before you make this conclusion, don’t you know that there are quite a few reasons why you should start to think of the missionary as an amazing sex position? Here are a couple of […]

Brisbane Escorts – 3 Safe & Easy Shower Sex Positions That You Could Add to Your Repertoire

When it comes to talk about shower sex, there’s just a lot to love, and hate about it. For many, it’s the perfect spot for morning sex, or a multi-tasking quickie. For others, it allows them to feel less hung-up on hygiene, especially when it comes to oral and/or anal sex play. However, some still […]

Brisbane Escorts – 3 More Surprising Things That Could be Wrecking Your Sex Drive

Whether you admit it or not, the truth is that at some point in our lives, we will experience a decrease in our sex drives. And the reasons for this vary too, of which some of the reasons for the dip in our libido may seem so surprising, or perhaps even shocking!  Here’s a look […]

Brisbane Escorts – Sex Positions That You Can Do in the Stairs, Kitchen and Even the Garage

When it comes to getting down in between the sheets, the sad thing is that most couples aren’t that adventurous (Although most couples are just too shy to admit it!), and only a few are bold enough to venture away from the usual techniques and tricks like the doggy style, missionary or spooning. But then […]

Brisbane Escorts – 3 More Fears About Sex That Many Of Us Will Have at Some Point

Who’s afraid of having sex? Well, yes sex often evokes positive and cheesy, as well  as sleazy adjectives and feelings for most of us. However, sex can also be associated with fear and anxiety, because sometimes the lack of conversation and education, or even utter ignorance, can lead to a lot of misleading and intimidating […]

Brisbane Escorts – 3 of the Most Romantic Sex Positions This 2018

If you feel like you haven’t done much to up the ante in bed last 2017, don’t fret for you still have a lot of time to rev things up in the erotic front this 2018! And if you’d like to get sleazy and romantic at the same time, here are a couple of the […]

Brisbane Escorts – Two Reasons Why Sex is Better With an Older Guy

When it comes to talk about sex, each and every shagging session is a completely different experience with every person you have it with, which is what makes it so exciting every time you date someone new. But here’s one thing that would make the young ladies drool (and make the young boys cringe with […]

Brisbane Escorts – An Eye-Opening Look at Sex Headaches, and How to Treat Them

Have you been in bed with a lover, and everything was going smooth and sleazy, until you were suddenly hit by one massive, bone-crunching headache? Well, you’re not alone because according to health experts, one in 100 people today actually experience sex headaches! Here’s an eye-opening look at sex headaches, and how to treat or […]

Brisbane Escorts – Top 3 Signs that Mean You Need to Improve Your Oral Sex Technique

As far as oral sex is concerned, some people are more comfortable giving than receiving, while others love being on the receiving end. Still others don’t care either way – they just enjoy it. Whether it’s a staple of your routine or not, do you know how you can tell if your partner’s enjoying how […]

Brisbane Escorts – Tips to Making that First Kiss a Memorable One

First-time experiences bring so many emotions with them. There’s apprehension, worry, anticipation, and joy, to name a few. For instance, going on your first date is one such experience that inspires a mix of feelings, whether you’re with one of the lovely courtesans at Brisbane Escorts or a gorgeous lady you’ve been getting to know […]

Brisbane Escorts – The Best ‘Rape Bondage” Sex Positions To Try Out

Are you and your bedroom mate in the mood to try out something much sleazier, or bizarre? Perhaps you could do some “rape/bondage” role playing!  While the main frame of reference for most folks today about rope bondage are movies like the Fifty Shades of Grey, the most important thing that everyone should remember is […]

Brisbane Escorts – Sex Positions That You Could Use if it’s Your Partner’s First Time

According to one sex advice that was popularised by a US sex columnist named Dan Savage, ‘When you’re dating someone with less experience than you, leave them in a better condition than you found them”! So, if you’re looking for ways to “guide” someone through her first time, check out these truly nice positions ASAP. […]

Brisbane Escorts – Effective, Expert-Approved Sex Troubleshooting Tips for Men

What should you do if you can’t get hard, or stay hard in bed? Or what should you do if you orgasm too quickly? Worry no more for we asked a few of the best sex experts out there to provide us with a couple of effective sex troubleshooting tips for guys, and here’s a […]

Brisbane Escorts – The Beginner’s Guide to Getting ”Energetic” Orgasms

Do you know of anyone who’s suffering from prostate cancer or stress, or is using antidepressants and any other drug that compromises their ability to get it up? (Or are you the one suffering from any of these?) It’s because researchers and adherents of the ancient Eastern practice of Tantra say that you can experience […]

Brisbane Escorts – 3 More Sex Secrets That Women Wished Their Guys Knew

Perhaps you’ve already read the latest studies and surveys about sex, and you’ve heard the media grill hundreds of sex experts too, as well as heard the comments and feedback of thousands of men and women who were made survey or study subjects! But then again, that doesn’t mean that you already have an idea […]

Brisbane Escorts – Straightforward Reasons to Engage an Escort

It’s likely that you know of the sex industry by now, and you also know that escort services are part of that – but you don’t know what to think of them. For example, you may be wondering why you should look through the pages at Brisbane Escorts and hire one of the lovely babes […]

Brisbane Escorts – Things to Remember if Your Girl’s Expecting and You Want to Stay Together

There’s no such thing as a relationship without any bad experiences along with the good ones, no matter how close you and your girl are. How you deal with them is a good indicator of how you’ll be as a couple in the long term. It’s different from being with one of the sexy vixens […]

Brisbane Escorts – Keep Your Relationship On-Track when Your Girl’s Expecting

There’s no doubt that any relationship will go through its share of up and downs. How you and your partner deal with these – together or alone – is usually a good indicator of your future as a couple. She doesn’t need to look like the lovely babes at Brisbane Escorts; as long as you […]

Brisbane Escorts – The Case For and Against First-Date Sex

When you’re looking forward to a date with a beautiful woman, there’s no helping when you imagine taking things a little further than a hug and a kiss. The gorgeous babes at Brisbane Escorts won’t mind getting in bed with you if your appointment goes in that direction, but your other partners might not feel […]

Brisbane Escort Girls – The Top 4 Countries in Terms of Online Sex Toy Searches

While sex may be a topic that not everyone would want to talk about freely, it is definitely something that everyone searches on the Internet! From doing Google searches on BDSM to sex tips that practically guarantee women orgasms, there’s just no shortage of sex-related searches for those looking to a healthy sex life. But […]

Brisbane Escort Girls – Responsiveness, and Why It Helps Fan the Flames of Intimacy

What are the stuff that can help fan the flames of intimacy, or even love and romance? Well, I could perhaps say that it’s honesty, open communication, receptiveness to new ideas and what else? According to recent research conducted by the University of Rochester in the US, responsiveness greatly correlated to sexual desire! Read on […]

Brisbane Escorts – The Best Full-Body-Contact Sex Positions for 2018

What’s one of the best sexual experiences ever? Well, if you ask some of the experts out there, they say its “full-body contact” sex! Yes, when we say full-body contact sex, it means it’s one of those sexy moments where you’re sharing so much skin space that you can’t tell where one person ends and […]

Brisbane Escorts – Sexual Behaviours That Women Find to Be Very Appealing

Let’s face it – men and women have different interests and desires when it comes to sex. For example, most guys find oral sex to be so appealing, and see it as a must-do activity, while not all of the ladies find it a wonderful thing to do. Here’s a look at a few of […]

Brisbane Escorts – The Real Score Behind the “Pullout Method”

If you asked any guy or girl out there in the street to give you at least one example of a birth control method, perhaps most of them would tell you stuff like condoms or birth control pills. However, are you aware that there’s such a thing as the “Pullout method”? Here’s a look at […]

Brisbane Escorts – 3 of the Most Surprising BDSM Safe Words

Face it – Once you’ve learned how to make you and your partner’s bodies feel good, things can fall into a real rut. Thus, it definitely pays to try out something new between the sheets, like some gentle BDSM? However, BDSM requires an open mind and lots of trust and communication, and that’s where the […]

Brisbane Escorts – Two Frequently-Neglected Female Erogenous Zones, & Why You Should Pay More Attention to It

While guys often get kid gloves for being lacklustre in bed, the women on the other often get a lot of flak for being “difficult” or “complicated” in the bedroom. However, the reality is that there are so many ways to turn a woman on, as her body is teeming with lots of undiscovered hot […]

Brisbane Escorts – Two Ways to Discover Your Lady’s Favourite Sex Positions

Do you know what the favourite sex positions of your regular bedroom partners are? Or do you want to find out exactly what sex positions drive your partner wild? If you’re looking for innovative ways on how to discover new erotic favourites with your lady, here are a couple of truly fun and cool tips […]

Brisbane Escorts – Vasectomies, and How They Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Have you ever thought of undergoing a medical procedure called a – vasectomy? Well, after reading this I guess you’ll have a quick change of mind, and would be suiting up for the procedure within the week, because new research indicates that a snip or a tie can result in healthier erectile function, better orgasms […]

Brisbane Escorts -The Best Sex-Boosting Food Items in the Planet

According to health and wellness buffs, as well as sex experts, great sex depends on two things – a strong heart and open, clog-free arteries! So, to achieve both, you may want to enhance circulation and testosterone levels. And of course, you also need to keep your body in optimum health too by ramping up […]

Brisbane Escorts – Orgasms, and Why You Need Them Everyday

Could you give me at least a few of the basic staples that are essential to our daily living? I guess most would probably name stuff like food, water, shelter, electricity, etc. Well, don’t you know that for you to live a healthy and happy life, you need to have an orgasm, at least, every […]

Brisbane Escorts – Having an Orgasm Can Make Some People Blind, Health Experts Warn

All of us know that a mind-blowing orgasm can bring us to greater, or should I say, “heady” heights. But then again, don’t you know that it can also make you blind? Well, according to doctors in Southampton, England, that’s just what happened to one truly unlucky guy there, as a blood vessel burst in […]

How Social Media Impacts Break-ups

If you’ve been hooked to social media especially Facebook, chances are, you’ve come across the relationship status ‘it’s complicated’ on some users’ profiles. Could be true for some but maybe not for others – you wouldn’t know who’s telling the truth, right? But then, with one of those hot Brisbane Escorts, there will never be […]

Brisbane Escorts – Top 3 Dating Rules Men Should Remember

There are quite a few things in life that are more complicated than you’d first think. Dating, for example, is much more than taking a girl out for coffee or taking her to watch a film. You don’t go from being single to being in a relationship with just that – and the lovely babes […]

Brisbane Escorts – 3 Ladies You’re Better Off Not Dating

As far as dating goes, you can date whoever you want, or whoever catches your eye. You can definitely engage one of the lovely courtesans at Brisbane Escorts to keep you company for an afternoon, and it still counts as a date, without the commitment required for a relationship. However, there are certain types of […]

Brisbane Escorts – Innovative, Easy-to-Do Ideas on How to Give Ladies Multiple Orgasms

If there’s one thing that sets women apart from men in bed, perhaps it’s the fact that they have multiple orgasms, and we only have one! According to a recent study by Indiana University, which covered 1,055 women across all age groups, and asked them extremely detailed questions about what they liked in bed, researchers […]

Brisbane Escorts – 4 Things You Should Never Do When Sexting

With the rise in the number of people owning smartphones and other digital devices today, it’s no surprise that more guys and girls are into sexting when the mood strikes. However, what’s sad is that instead of trying to subtly and sensually enticing your sexting partner, you turn them off instead, because your sexting sucks! […]

Brisbane Escorts – Light the Fire of Your Relationship Once More

Every relationship has something called the “honeymoon phase”, where your new partner is everything to you, you have exciting dates, and sex – when it happens – is electrifying. Unfortunately, this phase passes, and soon the dates become routine, and it’s hard to get excited around each other. That particular spark going out is one […]

Brisbane Escorts – 3 Cool and Steamy Ways to Undress a Lady

How do women measure a man’s performance in bed? Is it by the way they perform foreplay, or how long they last in bed? Nope. In fact, women start measuring a guy’s performance well before his pants come off, by the way he undresses her! Yes, sex starts as soon as the first zipper is […]

Brisbane Escorts – Sexy Kinks That Are More Common Than You Expected

If you think that “kinks” or sexual fetishes are only for weirdoes or deviants, think again. In fact, no matter how deviant you think you are, there’s always somebody more depraved than you, and there’s always going to be some type of kink that’s applicable for you! Sexual psychologists suggest that as long as you’re […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Try Blindfold Sex

If there’s one kink tool or equipment that you should try using for the first time tonight with your lady, perhaps you should try using – blindfolds! According to our sex experts, blindfolds might just be the sexiest thing you can bring into your bedroom, and could be used to spice up your sex routine, […]

Brisbane Escorts – Your College Relationship, and What it Says of Your Current Dating or Flirting Style

Unlike the shallow, and kind of boring, dating pool of high school, college certainly offers a lot of options to choose from, especially when it comes to dating and flirting. In college, you can choose to stick it out with your high school sweetheart, discover an on-campus soul mate, or easily find friends with benefits! […]

Brisbane Escorts – Asking a Lady About Her Sexual Preferences Increases Your Chances of Dating, or Going to Bed with Her

Contrary to what every exaggerated sex and dating story or advice out there says, the truth is that there is no single move, position or sweet nothings whispered into the ear that will elicit an instant and positive response in every woman. While yes there’s no simple way to improve the odds of easily hooking […]

Brisbane Escorts – 4 Reasons Why You Get Sexually Confident as You Age

Who says that you should lay low, and be less sexually-active as you age? According to a study of 2,000 people between the ages of 18 and 60, it was determined that women are at their most sexually confident at age 31. By contrast, age 25 is when the women are the most insecure. Here’s […]

Brisbane Escorts – Study Reveals Tinder Made Men Users Unhappy

A recent study caught many by surprise when it revealed a finding that male users on Tinder were experiencing low self-esteem. If you’re not into digital technology yet, Tinder is one of the world’s hottest dating app today. Young men and women who are hoping to find dates or hookups take advantage of this location-based […]

Brisbane Escorts – Top 4 Clear Signs She’s Not Interested

When it comes to relationships, things haven’t changed a lot over the past several decades. Though women now can be aggressive if they want to, it’s still up to the men to do the chasing. When you’re with one of the gorgeous babes at Brisbane Escorts, you don’t have to worry about scaring her off. […]

Brisbane Escorts – Relationship Goals Every Couple Needs

In life, setting goals is necessary because you’d then have something to work towards as you grow older. In the same way, relationship goals are important because they help your relationships grow. When it comes to you and a committed partner, these goals could be anything. For instance, you could try and not engage any […]

Brisbane Escorts – Top Hot Spots to Kiss and Excite Her

You likely know by now where to touch a woman to send chills down her spine and make her writhe with pleasure. Did you know, though, that the teasing feels even better when you use your mouth instead of your hands and fingers? Here’s a short overview of the best places to kiss a lady […]

Brisbane Escorts – Find The Right Partner And Live Happier, Healthier & Longer

Do you believe that a good night’s sleep can only happen when you’re in a relationship with the right person? Maybe, there’s some sense to it because you’ll surely feel miserable when your mate happens to be the wrong person. How about on the days you’re with one of the striking Brisbane Escorts – do […]

Brisbane Escorts – Secrets to Better Breast Play

There’s no doubt that breasts are very alluring; they’re the first thing men think to tease and please when a girl’s top comes off, whether she’s one of the lovely vixens at Brisbane Escorts or not. However, there’s more to nipple and breast play than porn-style groping and vigorous sucking. That said, here are some […]

Brisbane Escorts – Top Spots to Tease Her with Your Tongue

Any time a date leads up to sex, it can be confusing since you won’t know how to get your partner warmed up enough for her to really enjoy. If you’re with one of the gorgeous vixens featured in the pages of Brisbane Escorts, it may not be as awkward. They know how to help […]

Brisbane Escorts – Popular Porn Site Unveils the “Snapchat for Nudes” App

If you’re using apps and other online sites or services to find casual hookups, friends-with-benefits situations, or even long-term partners, have you ever tried using an app called “Snapchat”? Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia app, which was created by two former students of Stanford University in the US. One of the principal concepts […]

Brisbane Escorts – Dating a Lady in the Sex Industry Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

When you end up dating someone who’s actually in the sex industry, you may think you’re the luckiest bloke in the world. Others, however, may not see it the same way you do. While your girlfriend is definitely in good shape and has sex appeal, you’re more or less sharing her with other people. This […]

Brisbane Escorts – Flirting With a Girl Who is Already Taken

It’s natural for a bloke to like any lady he sees, to varying degrees. But what are the chances that she likes him back? For instance, is there any hope if you like a girl who likes someone else? This situation can be tricky, warn the expert courtesans at Brisbane Escorts. If she isn’t with […]

Brisbane Escorts – Unexpected Venues for Erotic Thrills

When it comes to sex, there are no hard and fast rules, especially concerning places to get it on – just don’t get caught. The very thought of having sex in a possibly public place, say the lovely babes at Brisbane Escorts, is enough of a thrill for some. No matter how long you and […]

Brisbane Escorts – Delicacies That Will Keep You Coming Back For More

Tired of getting around Brisbane and seeing all the gorgeous attractions around town? Before leaving for home, why not spend some steamy time with one of the irresistible Brisbane Escorts? You may have tasted all the genuine Australian delicacies in your brief sojourn to this part of the globe but, this one-of-a-kind delicacy will surely […]

Dating Advice – 7 Questions to Get to Know Her Better

When it comes to the dating game, the getting-to-know-you stage can feel pretty tedious, only for you to learn that the lovely babe you’re with wouldn’t make a good long-term partner. That part can feel frustrating. Short of engaging Brisbane escorts whenever you want company that may well extend to the bedroom, how can you […]

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