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8 Common Types of Lingerie you could give to Brisbane Escorts

If you’re planning to give a present for a Brisbane escort, then one of the best things you could offer is a lingerie set. Each girl has their own preferences of brands and styles but what’s important is your satisfaction. If you have a specific type of lingerie you want her to wear, then give it to her. Not only is it kinky, it makes these ladies special. So to give you a better idea of what we’re dealing with (because most men have no clue about lingerie), here are several common types of lingerie that you can choose from:

  1. The camisole. A camisole is a simple yet very sexy type of lingerie. It consists of a loose fitting top (sometimes with laces) then extends all the way down to the waist. Some designs include a bra with a flowing lace connected to it. You can either get an open-jacket or a closed one, depending on your preference with matching panties.
  2. Chemises. Chemises are small and short nightgowns made from silk, lace or other light materials. There are a wide variety of designs in the market with tons of different colors available.
  3. The baby doll lingerie. One of the hottest types of lingerie which offers a simple yet elegant appeal to the wearer. Baby dolls are made up of two pieces, the chemise-like top but have more revealing features and matching panties. Baby dolls also offer a wide array of designs (some are naughtier than the other) that you can purchase by set.
  4. The teddy. This type of lingerie is similar to a one-piece swimsuit which extends from the top all the way to the bottom. Teddy’s are connected with the top and bottom pieces, creating an illusion of figure for the wearer.
  5. Brisbane Escort Chloe SommersBustier. Similar to a corset but shorter, bustier pieces are used to accentuate the breasts and give it a better shape. It is a tight fitting top piece which offers support and sexiness. Many trends in fashion today are based on a bustiers design.
  6. Corsets. Corsets are similar to a bustier but are longer which extends from the breasts down to the waist. A major characteristic of a corset is that it gives the wearer a great figure and at the same time offers supports. They can be fitted loosely or tightly depending on your preferences. Corsets offer a kinky and vampy look as well.
  7. Thongs. What is lingerie without a down set? Thongs are among the most common (yet still very naughty) types of lingerie that you can give you a Brisbane escort. It is closely related to a g-string but thongs have a little more fabric on your lower back compared to g-strings.
  8. Boy shorts. Boy shorts have reached a certain level of popularity today because of its cute factor. Boy shorts are down sets that have wider sides than traditional panties which give them a sporty yet very feminine look.


With the wide variety of lingerie available, you could set yourself up with a hot lingerie play with your chosen escort in Brisbane. Choose from our wide array of girls in the gallery.

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